Friday, August 27, 2010

Just Realized.

yep i've come to that point of my life where i've realized something. some online friends SUCK.
they make assumptions about you, like your fat,ugly,friendless. dude, you hardly know me, wtf how can you say that only by what i say and what i look like on fb. fuck off,  just fuck off.

you probably have a suckier life than me and you like to put people down, your the total opposite of what you sound like, you probably have NO friends.

annnnnd online friends AREE rude. abusive and don't give a shit anymore.



Anonymous said...

hahahaha dude get over it :P

Anonymous said...

hahahahah oh l

Anonymous said...

yea dude get over it..... haha lol

Anonymous said...

online friends are just stupid anyway :P

get some REAL friends brianna ;)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha at least she has REAL friends :P